Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How much you take Royalty?
    A. Auromirra will take 15% of monthly fee as royalty.
  • Q. What is the tenure of the contract between the Franchisee and AUROMIRRA? What happens after 2 years?
    A. The initial tenure of the contract is 2 years. Under normal circumstances, subject to satisfactory performance of the Pre-School, the contract is renewed for next two years.
  • Q. what is your franchise fee?
    A. We have Lowest Franchisee Fee in India (Pre - School Segment).
  • Q. How much time does it take for the Pre-School to become operational?
    A. If the place is ready for possession, a Pre-School taken any thing between 15-30 days to become operational.
  • Q. What is a good time to start the Pre-School?
    A. It is always a good time to start a Pre-School. In preschools, admissions happen throughout.
  • Q. Is any approval required from any education board or municipal authority for running the school?
    A. No approval is required for running a preschool. In most cities, a “Shops and Establishment” certificate from the Municipality will suffice.
  • Q. Running play school in small town is difficult as compare to bigger town, so how will you support?
    A. We have placed one of the Headquarter in small town, so you can get ideas how to run it and also you will be benefited from our experience.
  • Q. What courses will AUROMIRRA provide the curriculum for?
    A. Payment of the franchise fee entitles you to get the curriculum for Playgroup, Nursery, L.K.G and U.KG.
  • Q. Does the franchisee need to own the premise?
    A. No. The preschool can be conducted from a leased premise as well.
  • Q. What are the Unique Methods you have?
    A. The Unique Methods are as follows:
    1. Learning through play
    2. Giving first hand experiences to the children regarding different concepts
    3. Learning through song, stories & rhymes & movements
    4. Performing various activities through different kinds of scientific play equipments
    5. To make our AUROMIRRA children acquainted with social customs & culturally rich through various events & celebrations
    6. Organizing Field Trips to impart the concrete knowledge of the facts of day-to-day life.
    7. Performing various art & craft work to develop Aesthetic development
  • Q. What is the strength of children in each class?
    A. In AUROMIRRA an ideal adult & child ratio is maintained in the class to give individual attention, i.e. 1: 15 children.
  • Q. What is play way method?
    A. In Play way method the children are given enough freedom to express their feelings & also the teaching methodology involves the complete interaction of the children with the environment and encourages them to help each other. They learn through play as the curriculum is structured keeping in mind the interests & abilities of students with emphasis on their all round development.
  • Q. What is the proper age of a child to get admitted in a play school?
    A. Preschool years are very important and crucial years in a child’s life. The early experience in his life has a lasting affect on his/ her life. Hence the right age to start preschool education is from 1.8 to 2 years.
  • Q. How can the child learn manners?
    A. Children are taught manners in school and similarly the manners have to be projected at home. Elders in school and home should be projecting good manners in front of the child because the child learns through imitation.
  • Q. What are the school timings?
    A. AUROMIRRA runs the Playgroup and Nursery in 2 batches, from 9am-11am and 11.30am-1.30pm. The LKG and UKG are run in 1 batch only, between 10am to 1pm. The franchisee can make an adjustment in the timings based on local conditions and seasons.
  • Q. Who selects the teachers? Does AUROMIRRA have any selection criteria?
    A. The teachers and maids are selected by the franchisee. You decide their remuneration. They are paid as per the city standards and it also depends on their qualification and experience. Teachers should have basic qualification in Early Child Care Education. Maids do not need to have any qualification.
  • Q. Does AUROMIRRA allow the franchisee to conduct other activities in the Pre- School after school hours?
    A. The franchisee is free to conduct any activity after close of school house. Please bear in mind that the equipment should not get damaged while choosing the activity to conduct.